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Castle 2

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Jacobe Castle

Carderby Keep

 LIVE online adventure game



60 - 80mins (depending on your play style)  

Escape from Jacobe castle and continue the adventure in cardeby keep with 2 - 8 players.

(more players on request)

With 16 timed challenges in each castle and a live actor, all you need is a free 'Zoom' account and we'll take care of the rest!


Book both castles

& get 20% off in total

As you unlock each quadrent of the castle you will be presented with 4 games.

Each game you win you'll receive a letter to the final passcode to lower the drawbridge and to freedom! 

Games from £40* for 4 people (Max 8 people per game)

*Click here to see full price list

Join Jackson, your LIVE host as he helps you escape from Jacobe Castle.

16 games including active & brain games

So, will you escape.......

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